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What is TMPortal?

TMPortal is a web platform that you can use to create your website with and manage all aspects of it: you can control its look and feel, functionality, menus, contents of web pages etc. It has its built in Admin Centre with all the tools you may need for that.

It is also a full Contents Management System (CMS) as you will use it mostly to enter and edit texts and images for your web pages.


Is TMPortal free?

Yes, it is. You can download and install TMPortal and install Plugins (websites and components) from the Portal Store and all for free.

If you install a Plugin developed by a third-party (supplier), the Plugin will be free, but the supplier may request you to login to their site, subscribe and pay some fee in order to use their content in the component. This is strictly between you and the suppler.


How to manage a website?

You will manage your website using the Admin Centre. It is an integral part of your TMPortal installation.

You can access it by adding /Admin at the end of your website’s URL, for example www.mywebsite.com/admin.

It looks like this:

Admin Centre

This is the placel to manage both the website and its contents.

You have to login in order to access the Admin Centre. Make sure that your login username and password are strong and secure.

The Admin Centre has all tools for managing your website and its contents. You can manage pages with texts, images, components etc.

The edit pages, will use is a simple built-in text editor.

To create or modify websites, templates and components you will need to speak HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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Where can I host a website?

In order to useTMPortal, you have to download and install either on your own server or in the Cloud provided by your hosting company.

TMPortal works on Windows server and needs SQL Server (can be Express) and Dot Net Framework to be installed in the background.

We are not providing hosting services by ourselves.

We are planning to engage hosting providers to offer a simple and automatic installation of TMPortal in their Cloud.


What is “Life is a Beach” website?

This is our Beaches website. When you install TMPortal, as the last step, a fully functional “default” website will open. We call it Beaches.The website has a nice and relaxing beach-inspired look and feel.

You can test it by link www.timemark.com.au/beaches

It is up to you to modify the website and add content to suit your requirements.


What are Plugins?

Plugins consist both of website templates and components and are created either by us or by a third-party. They are available on the Plugin Store where you can find them and install.

Plugins extend TMPortal's functionality with additional features, content and services.

Plugins are free and in source code.


Can I use TMPortal for more than one website?

TMPortal allows you to have  multiple websites. All of them will be managed with the same Admin Center and will use the same components.

There is a limit, however, how many copies of TMPortal you can have installed. The rule is like this: you can have one TMPortal copy for each of your registered domain names. To install for another domain names, register again with a different email address.

The reason for this limit is that we want to prevent one company from installing the same TMPortal copy to their clients over and over again without us knowing about this. We need to be aware of all companies that are running their websites based on TMPortal. There are many reasons for that, being able to properly support them is one of them.

We are more than happy if each of users intending to use TMPortal registers and downloads software for themselves. This will make us aware of their existence and we will have a channel established with them for communication and support.