Life is a Beach

When a user successfully installs TMPortal, as the last step, a fully functional simple website open. This is an important point for several reasons:

  • This marks a successful installation. It proves that the new website is up and running and working properly.
  • This is the first version of the new website. It is a starting point for the user to put their mark to the website, to customize it and populate with their own content.
  • It is a good learning tool. A chance for the user to accustom themselves with its internal logics and the elements that it is made from.

At some point we realised that we should have a copy of the website accessible to users even before they install it on their systems.  There were several good reasons for that:

  • It can be good advertising for TMPortal.
  • If we set this up properly, this could serve as a demo of our software.

So, it turned out that this could not  be just a simple website with a page or two. It had to look good, show some basic functionality nicely and also to be interesting. It should be able to get some viral traffic from people sending its links to each other.

The first two goals are easy to make. But “to be interesting” is difficult to pin down. What exactly should it do?

We were spending a weekend in a place about 3 hours north of Sydney. Beautiful weather, endless beaches. In between swimming, I was sitting at the beach drawing plans for TMPortal. I was aware how good it felt to be able to do my job from there. Well, I realised,  so could everybody else whose job it is to prepare content for the website. Providing, there is a nearby beach and outside is endless summer.

That’s how the idea came to me. I realise that I should simply describe myself. Yes, that was me in Okanui shorts and the rest. The pictures just show different beaches. There were too many of them competing for a place on the website.

That’s how ‘Life is a Beach” came about. I got the idea and then went for a swim. When I came back I liked the idea even better.