What Next

TMPortal works on a Windows server, so you must have one yourself or with your cloud provider.

Login and download the TMPortal. It is free to download and use.

Find our article ‘Installation’ (navigate to /Support/Articles) and follow its instructions. It is simple. In general, you will have to create an empty website and an empty database. Then to put the downloaded file in the web folder (one that you just created) and unzip. It will install itself.

After installing the TMPortal, an initial, default website will open. This will be our Beaches website that has a nice and funny beach theme. This is your starting point. It is now your turn to modify the website with your content and media. You can see even now how the Beaches website looks by following link www.timemark.com.au/beaches.

If the Beaches website does not satisfy your needs, look in our Plugin Store for some other website plugins. You can easily download and implement a different website next to the existing Beaches one. This time there is no installation steps to follow – just click in the Plugin Store and it will appear on your web.

The new website won’t have any content and you will have to add your texts, images etc.

All content on your website is displayed via ‘components’. The web page that you are reading now, is made of several components: Menu, Header with image, content Page, Comments and Footer. There is a few them already on your TMPortal site. Our Plugin Store has many more components that you can download and use.

Please look at our documentation under /Support/Articles. All aspects of the TMPortal are described there.


First choice list of articles:

Installation – with step by step details how to install TMPortal for the first time

Admin Centre – with explanations of all tools for managing your website

Pages – how to manage pages with texts and images

Components – all content is displayed via components

Plugin Store – to see additional content choices that you can have

Support – to understand how to get help

If you want to venture further and explore other features of the TMPortal, here are suggestions:

Websites - to understand how templates and components fit together

Plugins and Plugin Examples - to understand more about plugins

Members, Login and Security - to understand how to protect your content

Categories, Files – to master inner workings of the Admin Centre