Nobody starts a website these days from scratch. There is always some web platform used underneath that provides its look and feel and functionality and lets you add your contents on it. TMPortal is such web platform but with the difference:

You don’t have to pay for TMPortal.

It works on a Window server. We assume that most companies already have systems that use Windows.

You can manage the website and its contents on-line and in real-time (using our Admin Centre) . We have made it 'data-driven' so that you can modify almost everything without need for compiling and rebuilding every time.

If you have valuable data in other databases on your existing systems. You can easily display some of this data on your website.

After downloading TMPortal, you can create more than one website. They can all use the same content. This allows you to have various versions of the website like for instance a mobile version.

We are allowing third-parties to offer their contents and solutions for your website. They will create plugins and put them our Plugin Store, where you can find them, install and use.

Some companies may want to charge for the content they supply. They may put some ads or ask you to register on their websites and pay some subscription in order to use their content.

You can manage the website and its content on your own without need to understand code and how to write programs.

TMPortal is also made for IT Professionals: web designers and developers. They will use it as a starting point (platform) for building customised websites for their clients. They will have a full control of the website and be able to expand and customise it if there is a need. To do this, they will need to ‘speak’: HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

There is only one version of TMPortal, with its full functionality. There are no Advanced or Pro versions to pay for.

It is simple and fast.

This website is based on TMPortal.



Images from TMPortal